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User Stories:

  1. Nothing from my website will be cached in my client as a security measure.
  2. I will see that the site is powered by 'PHP 4.2.0' even though it isn't as a security measure.
  3. I can post a title to /library/v1/books/ to add a book and returned will be the object with the title and a unique _id.
  4. I can get /library/v1/books/ to retrieve a list of all books containing title, _id, commentcount.
  5. I can get /library/v1/books//{_id} to retrieve a single object of a book containing title, _id, and comments (empty array if no comments present).
  6. I can post a comment to /library/v1/books//{_id} to add a comment to a book and returned will be the books object similar to get /library/v1/books//{_id}.
  7. I can delete /library/v1/books//{_id} to delete a book from the collection. Returned will be 'delete successful' if successful.
  8. If I try to request a book that doesn't exist I will get a 'no book exists' message.
  9. I can send delete request to /library/v1/books/ to delete all books in the database. Returned will be 'complete delete successful' if successful. For practical reasons the first book can't be deleted

Example Usage: